Hermit Crab Types

marine hermit crab
Did you know that there are more than five hundred different species of hermit crabs? Of these, less than ten are commonly kept as pets. These small crustaceans are known for being sociable and easy to care for. As pets, they will rarely pinch their owners if they are cared for properly. Their wild counterparts, on the other hand, often make unfriendly pets. In general, there are two main types, the land and the marine crab. Most crabs kept as pets are land crabs, which have adapted to living on beaches and only return to the ocean to lay their eggs. All of the species listed below are cons...

Hermit Crab Adaptations

Unlike most other crustaceans, adult hermit crabs live their lives on land, rather than in the ocean. This fact has led to a variety adaptations making the crab ideally suited to its open-air environment. First, their gills have developed over time so that they can breathe in moist air. In captivity, owners must provide their crabs with a humid environment so that they are able to breathe. Still, they has not completely adapted to living away from the shore. At humidity levels under 70 percent, such as that found inside the typical home, the gills dry up and are unable to take in oxygen. ...

Hermit Crab Mites

Hermit crab mites are a tiny parasite, similar to fleas on cats. Although tiny, untreated mites can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress and damage for your crab. Over a period of time, mites may even kill your pet or cause him to lose a leg. Luckily, this situation is relatively easy to control through proper cleaning of the affected crab and his enclosure. Mites are nearly microscopic, so you may not be able to see them even if you look closely. Mites attach themselves to the crabs, where you might see small tan and black flecks. If you think your crab has mites, do not use a commerci...

Hermit Crab Predators

Many of these pet owners find it much easier to provide an appropriate environment for their hermit crabs once they understand their pets lifestyle  in the wild. In the wild, they live in tropical areas like the Caribbean. This factor influences the setup of their habitat, as it is necessary to provide the appropriate humidity and temperature levels. Seek Shelter It is also useful to understand how the hermit crab copes with natural predators. They are born in the water without a shell. As soon as they can, they seek out a discarded shell from another animal, often taking on the shell of a s...

Hermit Crab Cost

More and more people are realizing that hermit crabs can make for the perfect pets. In addition to being personable and fun to watch, they are inexpensive to purchase, with an easy-to-maintain habitat. Surprisingly Inexpensive Many people mistakenly believe that, due to their small size and inexpensive cost, they will only live for a few years, like mice and other comparably-sized pets. In reality, in captivity can live for twenty years or even longer in the right environment, which is surprisingly inexpensive to provide. Easy Habitat Set Up Their living environment, called their habitat i...

Hermit Crab Habitat

When it comes to hermit crabs, one of the most critical things you can do to ensure the health and wellness of your pet is setting up the right habitat or should we say crabitat. Many pet stores offer small plastic “starter tanks.” Although they are sold for hermit crabs habitat, in reality they are much too small for full-time use. These pets enjoy exploring their environment, and need a larger home. What's The Right Size Home? The appropriate size of the habitat depends on whether you plan to keep one or multiple crabs. They are surprisingly social; many crab owners keep a community of ...

Hermit Crab Humidity

wild hermit crab humid environment
Hermit crabs are a very popular pet because they are personable, yet easy to care for. Still, there are a few habitat requirements that must not be overlooked when setting up the environment for your pet. In order to maintain their health, they must live in a habitat that is set up to maintain the proper humidity levels. Humidity 70% To 80% In Wild In the wild, they are accustomed to humidity of 70 to 80%. Even though they don't live in the water, they do need a very moist environment. In fact, any lower than 70 percent and they will have difficulty breathing, because their gills need moist ...

Hermit Crab Bath

hermit crab bath
Soon after their birth, hermit crabs migrate to the beach, where they spend much of their adult life. Although adults can't survive long submerged in water, they do need a bath. Many pet owners overlook this step, since it does sound a little funny to think that your pet crab would need a wash. Yes, They Need A Bath Still, your pet will need a bath from time to time. Giving it a wash every few weeks will help him clean his shell and body, and prevent mites, a common parasite. They can be bathed almost any time, although you should not give them a bath if they are molting or preparing to m...

Land Hermit Crab

land hermit crabs
Today, many families are realizing that hermit crabs make wonderful pets. When it comes to setting up your crabs tank, there is an important distinction between land and marine hermit crabs. Land species are used to living on land, while marine species live in the water for their entire lifespan, rarely if ever venturing onto the beach. In general, it is more common to find land than marine when looking for a pet. Caribbean And Ecuadorian The two main species of land hermit crabs kept as pets are Caribbean and Ecuadorian crabs. The Caribbean variety typically has a purple color, while Ecu...

Hermit Crab Life Span

play environment tank
When considering hermit crabs as pets, the question on many people's minds is how long will they live. Because they are so small in size, it is often assumed that they will only live a couple of years. For example, pet mice, which are several times larger than adult, live less than five years. Increased Life With Proper Care Many mistakenly assume that the same is true with these little pets. In reality, with the proper care, including an appropriate environment and the right foods, they can live twenty years or even longer in captivity. If you want your pet to live for a very long time, the...

Hermit Crab Supplies

habitat aquarium
Like the hermit crab itself, supplies to keep your pet healthy and happy are relatively inexpensive. This is one reason why these little guys are becoming more and more popular as pets. In order to provide a comfortable home for your pet, you'll need the following hermit crab supplies: Habitat Your crab will live in an enclosed cage. An aquarium makes the ideal cage, as opposed to a wire cage, which will cause your pet's home to become too dry and cold. A ten-gallon tank is ideal for a single crab, while 30 to 40 gallons provides enough space for a community of crabs. Don't forget a st...

Hermit Crab Molting

For starters I will explain what exactly hermit molting is. Molting happens when your crab is growing.  The hermit crab has a skeleton unlike other species, in that his is on the outside of his body. The skeleton is called the exoskeleton. So as he grows he will start to get too big for his exoskeleton which doesn't grow with him. At this point he will shed his now too small for him exoskeleton. He will then start to grow a new bigger exoskeleton. This is in a nutshell was hermit crab molting is. Regrow Body Parts If a crab has lost a limb or an antennae he will regrow it during his this ...

Hermit Crabs As Pets

So you never would of thought that you would be consider a hermit crab pet, but here you are looking for information on these little guys. Maybe you can't have the traditional pets such as dogs or cats, maybe you don't have the space, maybe you are allergic, or maybe you just don't have the time. Well I have some good news for you then because they can be the perfect pet. Just don't expect to cuddle up next to these little guys. Very Interesting Family Pet Despite what you might think they are always on the go, aside from when they are sleeping of course. You can find them doing a number ...

Painted Hermit Crab Shells

There are many hermit crab owners out there that like the idea of painted shell. And I must admit the idea to giving your crab a shell that you have hand painted it very appealing. However in your pets world this is one of those controversial subjects. Some crab owners love this idea and go ahead and do it while others believe that painted shells can be harmful to your crab. There are some stories out there about the paint chipping off and fouling the crab's water. Some people also claim that when crabs are given the choice between natural, unpainted shells and painted shells they usually p...

Hermit Crab Shells

If there is one thing that hermit crabs are famous for it is their shells. They have to carry around an abandoned shell of another animal's to protect their soft abdomens. They also carry around a shell to prevent their bodies from drying out. Born In The Ocean They are born in the ocean. This is where they find their first  shell, underwater in a vacated sea snails shell. When the crab matures enough to make its way on shore it will inhabit a new shell. Each time the crab molts it will have to find new and bigger shells to occupy. Things To Consider When Picking Out Shells It is easy as a...

Hermit Crabs Mating

Hermit crabs are sociable and enjoy living in groups, which leads many hermit crab owners to wonder if they could get their hermit crabs to mate. While caring for hermit crabs under ordinary conditions is easy, it's not quite so simple to get them to breed. Hermit crabs mating require a very specific environment that mimics their natural habitat, no easy task to replicate in an aquarium. While you are reading keep in mind that successful hermit crab breeding is extremely difficult to do. Begin with healthy hermit crabs; sick hermit crabs won't be in the mood to mate. Of course, you'll n...

What Do Hermit Crabs Eat

commercial hermit crab food
You, along with so many others want to know what exactly do hermit crabs eat? This is a good question, and you may be surprised to learn that hermit crabs eat a large variety of things. You have a lot of choice when it comes to what to feed your hermit crab. It can turn out to be a very pleasant experience on both your parts. Go to any pet store and check out the food they have available. There is a pretty good chance that you are going to see a jug that reads "safe for hermit crabs". There are many different types of commercial food that you can get your pet hermit crab. Variety Is The...

The Hermit Crab in the Wild

Many hermit crab owners find themselves wondering at least at one point in time what life for one of these little creatures is exactly like when they are living out in the 'wild'? Hermit crabs are without a doubt one of the most exotic and interesting pets that a pet owner can have these days. Educating yourself about their natural habitat will help you take better care of your crabs and therefore having a healthy and happy crabs. If you are by the ocean or in tropical areas you will almost always find hermit crabs because this is their natural environment. These little guys crave humidi...

Making Your Hermit Crab Cage A Home: Setting up His Tank

Don't worry, a hermit crab doesn't need a complex house like a dwarf hamster or a guinea pig. But at the same time his new tank is his palace so you should make it as appealing as possible for him. So besides putting up a sign that reads "Home, Sweet Cage" how exactly do you keep a healthy environment for your new pet? Remember that your hermit crab loves a tropical environment. So your goal should be to make the hermit cage or tank as close to the "tropical hermit crab paradise" as you can get it. For starters lets talk about the tank itself. If you have a glass or plastic tank lying...

A Hermit Crab Introduction: Basic Hermit Crab Information

// // What To Do With Your New Hermit Crab Don't worry I was there once too. Your son or daughter sweet talked or begged you into buying a hermit crab. So you have it at home now and you aren't sure what the heck to do with him now and now you are looking for some hermit crab information. Hermit Crab Information In  A Nutshell You are not alone, trust me! Everyone who actually now finds pleasure in keeping hermit crabs, and I say crabs (because it is actually true they are more fun by the dozen) has been in your shoes. So here is your hermit crab information  in a nutshell, for ...

Getting to know…Your Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs. It is completely understandable that you are looking for some more hermit crab care information on these cute little guys. If you aren't at the "cute little guy" stage then believe me because the longer you know them, the cuter they get! It's pretty much a given to say that most of us don't know very much about hermit crabs so the idea of thinking about them as a pet seems like about as good idea as it would be to take in a tarantula or python as a pet. With that being said please do not put this unique and cute little animal in the same category as the other two. No...