Getting to know…Your Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs. It is completely understandable that you are looking for some more hermit crab care information on these cute little guys. If you aren’t at the “cute little guy” stage then believe me because the longer you know them, the cuter they get! It’s pretty much a given to say that most of us don’t know very much about hermit crabs so the idea of thinking about them as a pet seems like about as good idea as it would be to take in a tarantula or python as a pet.

With that being said please do not put this unique and cute little animal in the same category as the other two. Now I’m not going to say anything bad about the tarantula or python but I will say some pleasant things about the hermit crab. I am going to start off talking about his potential for being an exceptional pet!

Now it is always good to know before you bring a pet into your home what exactly it is, and it isn’t any different with the hermit crab. I will explain this little creature with a combination of layman’s interpretations and some scientific terminology thrown in there. Don’t worry though, I will will explain all the terms so that you can understand them.

When your son goes nuts over the hermit crab that is in the tourist shop along the coast or your local pet store window, he is really looking at a terrestrial or land-based hermit crab. This crab belongs to the family of coenobitidae.

In the animal kingdom these animals are quite distinct. This little creature distinguishes himself from many other animals not only because he uses his shell as his home but also because his life begins in the ocean. They do have the ability to live for several months out of the water but they will eventually make there way back to the shore so that they can take a dip in the water to sustain them again for a while.

Proper hermit crab care isn’t hard and the amount of supplies and food that is needed isĀ  probably surprisingly less than you think. The one important thing to consider when you are buying one is buy more than one.

Hermit crabs are “happy crabs”. These little guys are not called hermits because they are anti social. As you begin to interact with your new pet friend you will understand what I mean. So therefore if you are thinking about buying a crab you should definitely keep the idea of the more the better in mind.

Hermit crabs aren’t cheaper by the dozen but they will be much happier when you collect them by the dozen. In fact I know of many hermit crab owners who literally buy these cute little guys by the dozen. This is a much more realistic snapshot of their native habitat.