The Hermit Crab in the Wild

Many hermit crab owners find themselves wondering at least at one point in time what life for one of these little creatures is exactly like when they are living out in the ‘wild’?

Hermit crabs are without a doubt one of the most exotic and interesting pets that a pet owner can have these days. Educating yourself about their natural habitat will help you take better care of your crabs and therefore having a healthy and happy crabs.

If you are by the ocean or in tropical areas you will almost always find hermit crabs because this is their natural environment. These little guys crave humidity because they need it to survive. Even though they are land based animals they breathe through their gills. The gills take in the moisture in the air.

Now you may have assumed from their names that hermit crabs are ‘hermit’ and that they don’t like to be around others. This assumption couldn’t be any further from the truth. These little guys are social animals. Therefore you should always consider adopting or buying more than one crab.

In fact I know of many hermit crabs lovers that literally buy these guys by the dozen. Then they go home and put them in the same tank, providing that the tank is large enough for them all to fit comfortably.

The Amazing Burrowing

If you have ever observed these little guys in the wild you would have noticed that they love to burrow. They love to wander and when they bump up against something they don’t always take the simple route of going around it.

They will often go over it and the particularly love to go under it. The would poise of a slight problem if it’s another hermit crab because they would both be trying to do the same thing.

A very interesting fact about hermit crabs is that they are actually born in the ocean. Hermit crabs lay her eggs buried in the same, then the tide comes in and carries her eggs out into the ocean. Then the eggs hatch in the ocean and the crabs develop and grow in the ocean too.

Hermit crabs have gills not lungs. This is because they are born in the ocean so they need gills to survive in the water. The gills that they have are very similar to those found on fish. The baby crabs simply extract oxygen from the water through their gills and this is how they can breathe.