Hermit Crab Supplies

Like the hermit crab itself, supplies to keep your pet healthy and happy are relatively inexpensive. This is one reason why these little guys are becoming more and more popular as pets. In order to provide a comfortable home for your pet, you’ll need the following hermit crab supplies:


habitat aquariumYour crab will live in an enclosed cage. An aquarium makes the ideal cage, as opposed to a wire cage, which will cause your pet’s home to become too dry and cold.

A ten-gallon tank is ideal for a single crab, while 30 to 40 gallons provides enough space for a community of crabs.

Don’t forget a sturdy screened lid that will let in plenty of oxygen; they tend to be escape artists, but they do need to be able to breathe in their cage.


This is the material found at the bottom of the tank. Popular choices include moist sand, fine gravel, or coconut fiber bedding. They need at least four inches of substrate, because they like to dig and tunnel.


They find it difficult to breathe if the humidity level drops below 70 percent. A humidity gauge can help you monitor the humidity levels in the cage. In order to increase the humidity, you can use a spray bottle or mister, or leave a natural sponge saturated with water to evaporate in the tank.


The habitat must be heated to between 70 and 80 degrees, because they are accustomed to a warm environment. If your home is not warm enough to keep the cage at the right temperature, set up a lamp or heater, along with a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Food and Water

In addition to water in the air, they need water in two dishes. Dechlorinated tap water should be contained in one dish, for drinking. Salt water, in another dish, is for bathing. Always use sea salt, not table salt, to create the salt water. The water should be kept in shallow dishes; they cannot survive submerged in water. Feed your pet fresh fruits, vegetables, and other organic foods.

Toys and Accessories

They are surprisingly adept at climbing. Provide branches, rocks, or even cork board for your pet to climb. Crabs are also curious and adventurous. Driftwood and clay flowerpots make good hiding spaces in their home. These accessories will keep your crab from getting bored as he explores his surroundings.


As your new pet grows, he will molt (grow a new exoskeleton) and move to a larger shell. Provide your crab with several shells to choose from, each the same size or slightly larger than the shell he’s currently wearing.

They can be picky when it comes to moving into a new shell, so offer several options. Although they are small, they can live to be twenty years or more. By providing the right supplies for your hermit crab, you can help your crab thrive for many years.